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Northern Ireland Tourism

Northern Ireland Tourism United Kingdom

Ezra Hunt
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Travel Guide, Security, and History of the Nation

Northern Ireland Tourism United Kingdom. Vacation Packages. Travel Guide, Security, and History of the Nation. A vacation to the picturesque nation of Northern Ireland is an excellent way to explore the spectacular coast of the Irish Sea, historic castles, and diverse cultural exchange characterized by the combination of traditional Irish and British culture, cuisine, and even language. With a car rental in Northern Ireland, travelers can conveniently and affordably explore this beautiful country and all it has to offer, without being held hostage by the unpredictability of public transportation. The border of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland lies about a two hour drive from Belfast, and many visitors touring Northern Ireland opt to cross the border and explore the rest of the Emerald Isle with their Irish car rental. An exploding food scene, hip cities and the stunning Causeway Coast: there's plenty to pull visitors to the North. When you cross from the Republic into Northern Ireland you'll notice a couple of changes: the road signs are in miles and the prices are in pounds sterling you're in the UK. At the time of research, there was no border checkpoint and not even a sign to mark the crossing point. Brexit may change all that. Negotiations with the EU are unlikely to be finalised any time soon, but border towns are bracing themselves for the possible return of a 'hard border' with passport and custom controls. It's a bitter pill to swallow for a province that voted to remain in the EU. The issue brings renewed uncertainty but nobody wants to see a return to the violence of the Troubles that ended with the Good Friday Agreement two decades ago. An atmosphere of determined optimism remains.