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Oslo Travel Guide

Oslo, Norway: Travel and Tourism

Ellis Robertson
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Oslo, Norway. Travel and Tourism. Vacation Packages. Norway's capital city is industrious, elegant, and creative, with outdoor attractions, museums and galleries, and plenty of nightlife. It's small enough to see by foot and has a superb public transportation system. Oslo is great if you want to blend cultural activities with sports, shopping, or fine dining. You can feast on artworks by Norwegian painters like Edvard Munch, learn about one of the world's great writers at the Ibsen Museum, or catch a classical concert at the Oslo Konserthus. Lovers of the outdoors can catch a tram to ski slopes at Holmenkollen or cycle in forests like Sognsvann. History fans can tour sites like the Royal Palace, while in the evening everyone can enjoy Grünerløkka where bars like Ryes and Schouskjelleren serve fabulous food and drink all night long. Natural Pleasures: Oslo's skyline might be crowded by cranes but this rapidly growing urban metropolis is also one of the world’s most overwhelmingly green cities. It has earned the honour of being named European Green Capital for 2019, via one of the lowest carbon footprints in the world, excellent and well-patronised public transport, and a real commitment to sustainable food production and green space. The city is blessed with a large number of bucolic parks, and the Oslofjord’s waterways and islands are just minutes away from the centre, as are the ski slopes and forests of Nordmarka