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Pattaya Travel Guide

Pattaya Thailand: The History, Travel and Tourism

Ellis Robertson
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Pattaya, Thailand. The History, Travel and Tourism. Vacation Packages. Pattaya has activities on land, under water and on water or even in the air. Extreme genres, adventurous species or martial arts, a wide range to suit any liking. There is a range of facilities such as golf, bowling, fishing, jetski, windsurfing or Thai boxing. Pattaya offers access to underwater life, diving around the nearby islands or even snorkeling trips. Pattaya City is a special administrative district, located within the area of Chon Buri Province. It is regarded as a world-renown beach resort that is the best value for your money. In the past decade, many people viewed Pattaya as a place for exotic nightlife. That might be true. But now a general public perception of Pattaya has been changing as what the city really offers is far beyond beaches and entertainment.  The Greater Pattaya has adapted to suit the present situation by offering a wide diversity of tourist attractions to be a place for everyone. No matter what you are opt for--beaches, accommodations, international cuisines, shopping malls or a water park, Pattaya has them all. Moreover, there are a few brand new tourist places in the Greater Pattaya area like Pattaya Floating Market, Ang Sila Old Market and Pattaya Old Town in Na Klua County, presenting traditional ways of life of the local folks. This is no less interesting than other already popular sites. (see more attractions in Excursions from Pattaya). One day excursion in the Greater Pattaya is very convenient (just 90 minutes’ drive from Bangkok) and cheap (only one full gas tank). The overnight stay is such an attractive option too with the variety of attractions and accommodations to choose from. On this site, we divided attractions in the Greater Pattaya into the following topics: Beaches, The Most Visited Places, Excursions from Pattaya and Nearby Island