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Porto Venerer Travel Guide

Porto Venerer, Cinque Terre, Italy: Europe Tourism and Vacation

Ellis Robertson
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Porto Venerer, Cinque Terre, Italy. Europe, Italy Tourism and Vacation. Vacation Packages.  Your first view of Portovenere will seem like travel magic. The old Ligurian town will appear like a romantic oil painting with that famous facade of tall, vividly colored buildings arranged on its promontory slope. This is the timeless picturesque fishing village that you've read about and dreamed of.oops, sorry folks, actually it was not built as a fishing village and nothing here is original. It's a fortified town and while it's really charming, every part has been rebuilt, often numerous times. Going back more than 2,600 years, Porto Venere* has been conquered, reconquered, destroyed, rebuilt, bought, sold, repurposed, and rebranded. The history will completely fascinate you. Italians love this wondrous place, and you'll see many more Italian tourists here than in Cinque Terre. The poet that captured the essence of the town in Italian was Nobel Prize winner Eugenio Montale a Ligurian for whom a local piazza is named. His poem 'Portovenere' from 1925 gave imagery to the feelings that a contemplative visitor senses. Here is one of earth's special places where land and sea and sky are trying to communicate with you.