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Portugal Travel Guide

Portugal Travel Guide: Europe Tourism

Jesse Russell
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Portugal Travel Guide. Europe Tourism. Vacation Packages. Despite the numerous visits of tourists, many corners of Portugal are still unexplored. The coastal cities of the country are best suited for a beach holiday as the warm seas are very pleasing to tourists. The country’s location is characterized by a fount of natural resources: picturesque roads for hiking and cycling, and a variety of climatic conditions. Lovers of cultural holiday will appreciate the variety of sites of historical and cultural heritage of Portugal. Due to its proximity to the Dark Continent, the southern part of Portugal is often called “Africa in the space of Europe”. Tourists will notice the influence of Arab culture here. Pleasing to the eye with its combination of clear sea shore and snow-white sand, the province of Algarve is suitable for a beach holiday. Lovers of religious sites will find appealing the city of Faro. Here, you will find; the monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin, St. Francis, the Collegiate Church and the churches of St. Peter and Carmo. Admirers of natural beauty will be satisfied with a visit to the sea museum, ethnographic heritage and local history. The natural reserve of Ria Formosa will surprise tourists with its exotic vegetation and rare species of animals. The inconspicuous fishing village of Albufeira is currently the center of the resort recreation area. It is worth visiting the Tunnel Beach, the local Castle, the Obelisk to the Fishermen and the Park-Oceanarium. Smaller in terms of importance and territory are the towns of Vilamoura with a grandiose yacht club, as well as Portimão with the fortifications of St. Catherine, the destroyed necropolis and villas of the Roman rulers. Not far from the villa is one of the most beautiful beaches Praia da Rocha