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Provins Travel Guide

Provins Travel, France: Tourism

Leon Shaw
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Provins Travel, France. Tourism. Vacation Packages. Provins is a Mecca of medieval architecture, one of the best preserved in France.  Provins absolutely deserves a visit. Since 13 December 2001, Provins is listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, in view of the many monuments remained virtually untouched since the Middle Ages. Protected by impressive ramparts, Provins is the ancient capital of the Counts of Champagne. Previously (before the fourteenth century), it has built its prosperity through trade fairs. Merchants from all over Europe used to meet in Provins. Today, several times a year, Provins commemorates its medieval past by colorful festivals. Provins used to be a quite prosperous commercial town and the envy of their neighbors and famed for its trouvères (Northern France troubadours). Safe behind its fortified walls, it shone brightly during the 12th and 13th centuries, when popular Champagne Fairs were celebrated. Today, in just over an hour from Paris, visitors can admire the remaining 2km of the medieval fortifications and climb Caesar’s Tower which is a high point literally and figuratively of a trip to the town. The structure dominates the old town and has been employed as a watch tower, bell tower and even a prison since its creation in the 12th century. The tower commands impressive views of the surrounding town and countryside and allows you to fully appreciate the medieval architecture. Provins. It’s worth visiting the Tithe Barn as well as it is now a museum dedicated to the Champagne fairs and offers an insight into what life was like in Medieval Provins. There is a 12th century house in the town that hosts the Provins Museum. It is worth a visit as it will provide a historical feel of the town and the region, even from before the fairs enhanced Provins' situation in Europe