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Qatar Travel Guide

Qatar Travel and Tourism: Information

Jesse Russell
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Qatar Travel and Tourism. Information. Vacation Packages. Until the 7th century, on the territory of Qatar, there had been separate state systems that later became a part of the Arab Caliphate. The development of the country was greatly influenced by Bahrain, under which it had been in the 8th-9th centuries. In the first half of the 16th century, Qatar saw the colonial period. The Portuguese were interested in its territory. However, Europeans could not strengthen their positions in these lands. Shortly after their arrival, the entire territory of Qatar came to the Ottoman Empire. After its collapse, Qatar had been independent for several years and then was forced to become a British protectorate. The country was absolutely independent in 1971. Among the countries of the Arab world, Qatar is considered as one of the most transparent and friendliest ones in respect of the tourism. Travelers come here to enjoy beach entertainments and shopping. They will have an opportunity to diversify their leisure with more interesting entertainments, for example, camel racing or desert safari. Fans of exotic recreation will be definitely impressed by desert trips that go hand in hand with visiting the Bedouin settlements. Beaches located in the Persian Gulf are considered the most beautiful in the world. They are distinguished by crystal clear water, so they attract fans of diving. It will be very interesting for experienced divers, as well as those who have just learned the basics of this sport, to vacation here