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Queensland Travel Guide

Queensland Travel, Australia: The History and the People, Vacation, Honeymoon, Tourism

Leon Shaw
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Queensland Travel, Australia. The History and the People, Vacation, Honeymoon, Tourism. Vacation Packages. Beautiful one day, perfect the next that's Queensland. A place where vibrant modern cities are surrounded by some of the greatest natural wonders of the world. Over four and a half million people call it home and thousands more move here every year, making it the best-performing economy in Australia and the fastest growing state. Whether you're looking to stay a week, or a while, Queensland is Australia's take on paradise. Warm, laidback and heartbreakingly beautiful, its sweep of pristine beaches, luxuriant jungle and ethereal peaks conjure a southern Shangri-La. Seven times the size of Great Britain and two and a half times the size of Texas, Queensland is a geographic behemoth. No other Australian state matches its natural diversity, an impressive collection of 27 bioregions supporting over 1000 ecosystem types, from rainforests and wetlands, to savannas, dry tropics, rangelands and the coast. Five of Australia’s eleven World Heritage-listed natural sites are found here, including the world wonder that is the Great Barrier Reef. Punctuating these spectacular landscapes is a string of vibrant cities and laid-back towns, from sophisticated Brisbane and wham-glam Gold Coast, to the sultry, laid-back chic of Noosa and Port Douglas