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Religion in Cuba

Religion, Culture, and Society in Cuba and Latin America

Leo Abbott
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Theoretical, Methodological, and Historical Perspectives. Religion in Cuba, Cuba Culture, Society an environment in Cuba: The interplay of religion, culture and society in any country, at any given time, is one of the most complex phenomena experts have attempted to understand and explain.  To analyze such interaction in a nation in which the predominant religion has historically been somewhat weak institutionally and in which there have been high levels of competition from other religions, as well as ideologies, presents clear challenges.  Hence, the task undertaken by the Woodrow Wilson Center’s January 21-22, 2003 seminar Religion, Culture, and Society: The Case of Cuba was particularly challenging.  Sponsored by the Center’s Latin American Program, the seminar brought together academic experts on religion, Cuba, and civil society with practitioners and policymakers.  Building on previous exchanges between the participants and their Cuban counterparts, the seminar explored theoretical and methodological trends in the study of religion, culture and society in terms of the applicability of the predominant analytical models to the case of Cuba. The seminar then focused on historical legacies, as well as contemporary developments.  Suggestions for the reconceptualization of the current “wisdom” concerning the interplay of religion, culture and society in general and with reference to Cuba resulted.