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Rhodes Island Travel Guide

Rhodes Island, Greece: Vacation, Honeymoon, Environmental History

Leon Shaw
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Rhodes Island, Greece. Vacation, Honeymoon, Environmental History. Vacation Packages. One of the most popular and world famous resorts, Rhodes has won love of vacationers due to its picturesque landscapes, the gentle sun and fascinating coastline. Here you will find luxury hotels, in which rest celebrities and nobles, and really solitary hotels, located in remote bays. In short, it’s a good place for recreation and entertainment that suits every taste and budget. Rich historical heritage is one of attractive features of the resort. Here have remained numerous monuments, each of which is unique and unforgettable. The main part of the attractions is located in the so-called Medieval town. Chora district is the location of several mosques, churches and homes. The most famous structures are Suleiman Mosque, Church of Chora Mother of God, the mosque of Sultan Mustafa, Muslim Library, St. George's Church, Church of Our Lady of Chora, and Church of St Paraskeva-Friday. If you decide to relax on the island during the warm season, you will be able to visit theater performances, which are conducted in one of the oldest theaters under the open sky. Shopping fans will also find entertainments in the old city. Visit Sokratus Street and you will find best gift shops and antique stores on the island. Art lovers should definitely visit the local Art Gallery, which exhibits collections of works of medieval and modern masters. You simply cannot fail to visit Archaeological Museum, which exhibits a magnificent statue of Aphrodite, as well as beautiful decorations and ritual accessories. A trip to the Valley of Butterflies will become the most unusual and romantic excursion. The valley is also considered the most beautiful place of the island. Rich vegetation, a small river and numerous beautiful flying creatures this is a true paradise on Earth that you will not want to leave. One of the main historical symbols of the island is a beautiful Rhodian fortress. It was built in the 13th century. The archaeological studies have shown that it was built on the site of a ruined ancient acropolis. In the medieval time, this fortress was considered one of the most impregnable in the world. The length of the surrounding stone wall was about 4 km. It was a large-scale complex of dozens of buildings with different intended uses and has survived only partially. However, it is capable of leaving deep impressions with visitors