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San Sebastian Travel Guide

San Sebastian, Spain: Travel and Tourism

Leon Shaw
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San Sebastian, Spain. Travel and Tourism. Vacation Packages. Sunny days spent on sandy beaches and evenings strolls through the quaint Old Town are among the joys of visiting San Sebastian. Picturesquely set on the crescent-shaped Bay of Concha, this elegant town is one of Spain's most fashionable beach resorts. The expansive shoreline extends for several kilometers along a curving coastline, bookended by the Urgull and Igeldo hills. San Sebastian delights visitors with its scenic beauty and savory cuisine, and surprises with its lively ambience and cultural attractions. Visit the royal palace and its gorgeous gardens, amble along the terraced seaside promenade that overlooks the town's inspiring architecture, and then wander atmospheric cobblestone lanes in search of authentic pintxos, the Basque version of tapas. These tantalizing small bites include specialities such as seasoned olives, grilled prawns, clams in pepper-parsley sauce, marinated sardines, and salted cod omelette.