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Santa Catalina Island

Santa Catalina Island, California USA: Tour Guide

Leon Shaw
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Santa Catalina Island, California USA. Tour Guide. Vacation Packages. A little over an hour’s ride aboard the Catalina Express from Long Beach, California, past the natural wonder that is the San Pedro Channel, is a rocky island where a hundred or so North American Bison roam free and Old Hollywood’s most famous used to vacation. On Santa Catalina Island, the water’s clear emerald; the rolling mountains are lush; and shoals of garibaldi often make an appearance. To most, Catalina Island is but a small destination off the coast of California that presents an idyllic yet quick island getaway. But this 22-mile-long island that’s essentially part of an underwater mountain range, its heart being the small city of Avalon, is so much more than it’s often given credit for. Not only has it played small yet essential roles in American, sports, and Hollywood history, it’s also a sanctuary for many species of animals unique to the island. Whether you’re interested in pop culture, history, water activities, or the great outdoors, Catalina Island will most certainly keep you occupied. Here’s a quick guide to this spectacular and dynamic destination