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China Business Guide

Shenzhen, China: Travel Guide for Tourism and Business Environment

Roman Reynolds
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Shenzhen, China. Travel Guide for Tourism and Business Environment. Vacation Packages. Shenzhen is an ideal destination for active travelers. Thanks to the variety of amusement parks, shopping malls, wonderful gardens and park areas, each and every tourist can choose a suitable place to relax and have fun. Nature enthusiasts should not ignore Shenzhen Safari Park. This large-scale zoo inhabited by representatives of African fauna is well-equipped and really beautiful. You can travel around the park only by a special car; the situation in Safari Park is so realistic that it creates a feeling of a true trip through the African savannahs. The center of attraction for thousands of tourists is Happy Valley Amusement Park. Occupying the area of 86 hectares, the large park is conditionally divided into nine thematic zones. The choice of rides presented in the park is really huge. Here you can explore a large water park with well-maintained recreation areas, many slides, and pools. Travelers for whom local attractions and slides are not enough should think about visiting OCT East Shenzhen entertainment and resort complex. In addition to original rides and exciting viewing platforms, its territory is full of many natural attractions. Colorful fields with flowers, beautiful waterfalls, pavilions housing fountains and rare plants you can stroll around the park exploring its beauty all day long. Sports fans will not be bored either, as there is a decent choice of sports complexes in the city and its surroundings. Mission Hills Golf Club stands out among many local golf centers. It will pleasantly surprise customers not only with its high-quality playgrounds but also with well-kept recreation areas, as well as affordable prices. A worthy competitor of the sports club is Juhao Golf located in a very picturesque area. Getting back to amazing natural beauties of Shenzhen, we cannot fail to mention Xianhu Botanical Garden. This wonderful botanical garden occupying a vast area is divided into quite original thematic zones, which makes it particularly popular. Here you can find a beautiful park with walking paths, original pavilions decorated with sculptures and fountains, and even a small greenhouse with flowering cacti. The garden also has a specially-equipped picnic area, which is in great demand among visitors. Those preferring to spend time outdoors will be fascinating by Lychee Park. It wouldn't be easy to find more peaceful and beautiful place for leisurely walks in the city