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Slovenia Travel Guide

Slovenia Travel Guide: Tourism

Jesse Russell
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Slovenia Travel Guide. Tourism. Vacation Packages. Slovenia has long become a favorite place of rest among fans of eco-tourism, alpine ski and interesting excursions. The country is so diverse that every vacation there will be unique and unforgettable. Those, who want to get acquainted with culture and landmarks of the country, are recommended to start from prominent places of Ljubljana. In this city travelers will find several hundred medieval buildings, the most famous of which being the Ljubljana Castle. First mentions of the castle belong to the middle of the 12th century, but, according to historians, it was built way earlier. Initially, the castle was built as a protective facility. In the 17th century it was transformed into a hospital, and later into a prison. Nowadays, the castle has become a museum complex, where travelers will find a picture gallery, the Museum of History and outlets with crafts made by local masters. In summer, the castle often becomes the venue for different musical performances and concerts. The history of the Saint Nicolas Cathedral is very interesting and unusual. In the 12th century, a small wooden church stood on the site of the modern cathedral, but it was completely destroyed by fire. Two centuries later, the construction of a cathedral started on the same site, but it was not ended as the unfinished cathedral was also destroyed by fire. Only in the 18th century a beautiful cathedral was built on the square. This is the cathedral we can see now. Besides interesting architectural landmarks, there is a wonderful botanic garden in Ljubljana. It was founded yet in 1810 and since that time it has become the biggest botanic garden in the country. Here visitors will find more than 4,500 plants from different parts of the world, which make the garden an important object on international level. Not only tourists, but also scientists visit the garden to see and study rare plants from a professional point of view. Travelers with kids will be delighted to visit the local zoo, which has become home for more than 600 species of animals, birds and reptile