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South Africa Travel Guide

South Africa: Travel Guide to South Africa

Jesse Russell
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South Africa. Travel Guide to South Africa. Vacation Packages. The Republic of South Africa offers a variety of entertaining activities to its guests, so there’s no wonder why every year more and more travelers come to visit this wonderful country. Gauteng region is considered the historical center of the country as the colonization of South Africa started from it. Travelers are continuously interested in visiting such cities as Pretoria and Johannesburg, which are already not separated cities anymore and have been united into one big metropolis. There are several large culture centers here, with Market Feature complex being the most famous one. The complex includes art galleries, theatres and restaurants. Various exhibitions are not rare here, so travelers are welcome to see beautiful pictures and sculptures, and purchase the items they like. The building of the National Library provides space for two interesting museums the Museum of Geology and the Museum of History. Besides that, travelers are recommended to visit the building of the old post and Oppenheimer Gardens located behind it. This is a beautiful and romantic place that is particularly charming in the evening. Fans of shopping are very welcome in the city of Durban that is famous for its colorful oriental bazaars. This is a popular upscale resort that attracts visitors with its magnificent beaches and to hotels. The region of Maputaland is a wonderful destination for fans of active rest. This is a piece of untouched nature, where the desert meets impenetrable tropical forests. Safaris in giant dunes can be perfectly mixed with walks in shadowy forests here.