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Syria Travel Guide

Syria Travel Guide: Discovery

Jesse Russell
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Syria Travel Guide. Discovery. Vacation Packages. Numerous magnificent monuments of the antique period, churches and monasteries, architectural complexes and museums remain the main attraction point for tourists in Syria. In the city of Aleppo it will be very interesting to visit an ancient fortress that is located on the main square. The fortress was built in the beginning of the 13th century; slowly more and more new buildings appeared near the fortress and in the end of the century it was already a big city instead of a small settlement. The fortress was a very important strategic point during the war with Mongolia. It successfully countered numerous attacks and managed to keep its original look. Nowadays, in the fort one can see old mosques, tombs, palaces and houses. The ancient city of Bosra is a very important archaeological landmark. During the prehistoric era there was a large city instead of modern Bosra. According to scientists, it was founded yet during the reign of Amenhotep. During the reign of the Roman Empire the city changed its name to Nova Trajana Bostra. For many years the city was the reason for military actions as it was located on the crossing of important trading routes. Later the city became the territory of the Byzantine Empire, so now it's possible to see architectural landmarks that belong to the three great epochs. In Bosra you will find ruins of first Arabian temples, an ancient Roman theatre and Byzantine churches