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Libya History Book

The State of Libya then, and Today: The Atmosphere

Mhamed Said Younis
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The State of Libya then and Today. The Atmosphere. Vacation Packages. A Book on Libya, the entire history of Libyan War aftermath, how is Libya copping without Gadhafi Civil wars most frequently occur in states that lack the resources necessary to sustain the basic institutions of governance and provide public services.  Libya, however, was wealthy in comparison with many other war-torn countries.  Relatively high levels of per capita income made it look like a good candidate for an easy post-conflict transition, and economic activity was widely expected to return rapidly after the war.  This, in turn, was expected to facilitate a stable transition to peace and lessen the financial burden on international donors.  In theory, Libya should have been well placed to foot the bill for its own reconstruction.  Wealth and a fairly well-educated population promised opportunities for productive employment that itself would facilitate rebel disarmament and reintegration. A Book on Libya