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Caribbean Islands

Trinidad Travel Guide, Caribbean: Tourism

Aaron Ellis
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Trinidad Travel Guide, Caribbean. Tourism. Vacation Packages. I see a great future for Trinidad as a tourist destination. The nature of tourism is changing worldwide and people are not coming to the Caribbean for just sun, sea and sand anymore. Visitors want a more active vacation to interact with local people, learn about their culture as well as experiencing a different way of life to their own. That is where our future in tourism lies. We have everything here beautiful and varied flora and fauna (especially birds; the number of visiting ornithologists is growing rapidly), lovely beaches without huge resorts damaging the environment, and a rainforest with hardly any dangerous animals. Culturally, Trinidad is equally diverse: there’s a large capital city with plentiful entertainments on offer, great shopping and a wide array of cultural activities all year round. Trinidad’s multi-cultural society translates in daily life to food of all descriptions, music easy to listen and dance to, and a friendly, non-prejudiced and helpful people of all ethnic mixes and religions, who actively welcome foreigners.