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Turin Travel Guide

Turin, Italy: The Entire History, Travel and Tourism Guide Information

Aaron Ellis
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Turin, Italy. The Entire History, Travel and Tourism Guide Information. Vacation Packages. Turin is an extraordinarily interesting city with a very rich history. More than you could possibly imagine before going there. It flourished in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries as the centre of the Savoy Kingdom and capital of the Baroque before becoming Italy’s first capital in 1861. The impressive royal heritage of palaces such as Palazzo Reale, churches, squares and grand 'corsi' lined with 18 km of porticoes were designed to protect the nobles against the elements. The surrounding mountains, hills, lakes and plains all feel close despite the industrial legacy still most evident in the form of the Lingotto, Fiat’s former factory, hailed at the time as “the cathedral of technology”. Turin is also Italy’s modern and contemporary art capital and home to Italian cinema, and also Eataly. Right in the centre, dominating the cityscape, is Turin’s extravagant and famous landmark, the “Mole Antonelliana” an example of engineering as art and home to the Cinema Museum. This ancient Italian city amazes visitors by the amazing diversity of tourist routes, cultural programs and historic sites. Each of its streets and squares certainly has so many fascinating stories, mysteries and surprises. Your travel to Turin will surely become a real adventure each day spent in this place is unique and interesting