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Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey Travel Guide: Information

Aaron Ellis
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Turkey Travel Guide. Information. Vacation Packages. Turkey has an abundance of fascinating ancient, traditional, natural, and modern sites to explore. However, what will really surprise travelers are the contrasting landscapes, creating a great variety of things to do. The country is renowned for its turquoise waters, golden-sand beaches, and constant blanket of Aegean/Mediterranean sunshine that makes for perfect water sports conditions. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the country boasts an important highland region that receives heavy snow in the dead of winter. This means plenty of opportunities for skiing between December and March. Beaches are among the most beautiful features of Turkey. Most are located along the Aegean and the Mediterranean coasts, in the Marmara region. One of the most famous spots is Oludeniz, which boasts the bluest water and exceptionally white sand. Beach holidays can be booked through Journey Anatolia. Boat tours are another great way to explore the coast and outlying islands. Fez Travel and Boat Cruise Turkeycan take you to some of the more promising cities like Izmir, Dalyan, and Antalya year-round. Believe it or not, Turkey is also home to several popular ski areas, the favorites being Uludag, close to Bursa, and Sarikamis, near Kars in the northeastern. Contact Skiing Turkey for more information and packages. No visit to the country is compete without a trip to the Turkish baths, locally known as hamam. Istanbul has plenty of options with at least one in every district. Some are cleaner than others and Travel Shop Turkey can point you toward the more traditional ones