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Turkmenistan history

Turkmenistan History

Leo Abbott
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Origins and Early history, Society, Social Structure, the Economy, Government and Politics, Travel and Tourism. Turkmenistan history, Government, Politics, People, Culture and tradition: Turkmenistan underwent the intrusion and rule of several foreign powers before falling under first Russian and then Soviet control in the modern era. Most notable were the Mongols and the Uzbek khanates, the latter of which dominated the indigenous Oghuz tribes until Russian incursions began in the late nineteenth century. Origins and Early History. Sedentary Oghuz tribes from Mongolia moved into present-day Central Asia around the eighth century. Within a few centuries, some of these tribes had become the ethnic basis of the Turkmen population. More information on the history of Turkmenistan in found in the book title “Turkmenistan”. Turkmenistan History and Cultural Information and Travel Guide. Vacation package Book