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Umbria Travel Guide

Umbria Environment, Italy: History, Tradition, Tour, Travel and Tourism

David Mills
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Umbria Environment, Italy. History, Tradition, Tour, Travel and Tourism. Vacation Packages. Nestled in the middle of the Italian peninsula, halfway between Rome and Florence, lies Umbria. It is a region steeped in history, art and culture, and awash in hilltop towns and ancient castles. Its cuisine and wines rival those of its neighbors, Tuscany and Lazio (though the Umbrians will contend that it's even better!). Its unrivaled pastoral beauty has earned it the title “The Green Heart of Italy”. Here you’ll find a traditional, rural lifestyle cohabitating with a buzzing international university and world-renowned festivals. Millennia-aged ruins await contemplative history-seekers, while postcard-perfect medieval villages cascade down the hillsides and beckon to be explored. Placid country roads wend through rolling hills and pass fields of smiling sunflowers, while snow-capped mountains loom to the east. Nature lovers will enjoy Umbria’s unspoiled mountains and sparkling rivers. Country lanes that pass olive groves and flower-carpeted fields make nice walking paths all over the region. Lake Trasimeno is one of Italy’s largest lakes, perfect for water skiing and boating. It also boasts three islands that can be reached by ferry