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Urbino Travel Guide

Urbino Environment, Italy: The Guide to Tourism

Aaron Ellis
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Urbino Environment, Italy. The Guide to Tourism. Vacation Packages. Majestic Urbino, atop a steep hill with a skyline of towers and domes, is something of a surprise to come upon. Though quite remote, it was once a center of learning and culture almost without rival in Western Europe. The town looks much as it did in the glory days of the 15th century: a cluster of warm brick and pale stone buildings, all topped with russet-color tile roofs. The focal point is the immense and beautiful Palazzo Ducale. The city is home to the small but prestigious Università di Urbino one of the oldest in the world and the streets are usually filled with students. Urbino is very much a college town, with the usual array of bookshops, bars, and coffeehouses. In summer the Italian student population is replaced by foreigners who come to study Italian language and arts at several prestigious private fine-arts academies.