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Venezuela history

Venezuela History Discovery and Conquest

Leo Abbott
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Spanish Colonial Life, Population Social Structure, Ethnic Groups, Economy, Government, Political Dynamics. Culture, Travel and Tourism. History of Venezuela, and discovery, Introduction: Christopher Columbus first sighted Venezuela during his third voyage to the New World, when he saw the Península de Paria from his ship at anchor off the coast of the island of Trinidad. Three days later, on August 1, 1498, Columbus became the first European to set foot on the South American mainland. Unaware of the significance of his discovery and of the vastness of the continent, he christened the territory Isla de García. To find out more information in full detail about Venezuela and its environment, government of Venezuelan Politics, Culture of Venezuela, touristic information and more, the book with the following title “Venezuela History Discovery and Conquest” will guide you through. History and Cultural Information and Travel Guide. Venezuela Vacation package Book