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Yemen history and culture

Yemen History, and Civil War

Paul Has
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Crises and general information. Yemen History. Yemen is associated with different type of history, because of its involvement in various conflicts and crises, Yemen also has attractions that call for tourism. The book on Yemen has the following information types and much more. Yemen travel guide, Yemen facts, Yemen women, Yemen spy, Yemen history and culture, Yemen conflict, Yemen government and governance Yemen politics. People of Yemen. Introducing to Yemen history will provide you the following. Yemen, is situated at the South-Western corner of the Arabian Peninsula. It is mostly mountainous and generally arid, though there are broad patches with sufficient precipitation to make agriculture successful. The people speak various dialects of Arabic and are mostly Muslims (see Islam). The history, culture, economy, and population of Yemen have all been influenced by the country’s strategic location at the southern entrance of the Red Sea—a crossroads of both ancient and modern trade and communications routes. In the ancient world, the states that occupied the area known today as Yemen controlled the supply of such important commodities as frankincense and myrrh and dominated the trade in many other valuable items, such as the spices and aromatics of Asia. Because of its fertility as well as its commercial prosperity, Yemen was the location of a number of ancient kingdoms; for that same reason, it was known to the ancient Romans as Arabia Felix (Latin: “Fortunate Arabia”) to distinguish it from the vast forbidding reaches of Arabia Deserta (“Desert Arabia”). Later, Yemen was the place where coffee (Arabic: qahwah) was first cultivated commercially, and, before the introduction of coffee plants to other parts of the world, it was long the sole source of that precious bean. The full history of Yemen with all the information are found in the book available in eBook format and Print Book format. Yemen History and Cultural Information and Travel Guide. Vacation package Book