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Zadar Travel Guide

Zadar Tourism, Croatia: Discover the History, Travel Guide to Present Zadar

Liam Richards
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Zadar Tourism, Croatia. Discover the History, Travel Guide to Present Zadar. Vacation Packages. Zadar region is a place where both beauty of nature and cultural-historical heritage contribute to an irresistible combination for a fulfilling summer holiday. It’s a region that has seen a number of ups and downs throughout its thousands of years of human presence with settlements rising to power and then facing downfall, from which some never recovered. While traces of the past are visible all over the region from ruins of ancient settlements such as Asseria or Vrana to villages such as Zaton, most remarkable stories are still preserved in towns and cities like Zadar, Nin and Pag. Zadar is Today a vibrant city where the modern and the ancient play an equally important role, the city has had an exceptionally turbulent history, because of its geographical location. In a few thousand years of its existence, the city changed rulers, was destroyed and rebuilt several times. It’s no wonder there are four patron saints to watch over it. The city got its urban layout with the ancient Romans, when it became one of the most important Roman centers on the Adriatic coast, even before the first Croatians came to the region to stay. So, when you walk its historical streets such as Kalelarga and across the squares such as People’s Square (Narodni trg) or Five Wells’ Square, past its fortifications, gates and towers and pass by the remains of the ancient Roman Forum, St Donatus’ Church and St Anastasia’s Cathedral, you might just get the idea about how great the city in fact is, by having overcome centuries and centuries of struggles.